Give Students the Power to Prevent Bullying

Who: Defeat the Label

What: Help Fund First Phase of Bully App - "Capture"

Where: Bloomfield, MI

When: June 1st, 2013

Why: To solve the bullying epidemic in our schools we need actionable information and the ability to monitor solutions that are being implemented. This first phase of the Bully App will “capture” bullying incidents reported by students from all over the country.

We are  Defeat the Label , a local non-profit started right here in Metro Detroit, and we are championing a global anti-bully movement. Our first national scale launch event happened this year on May 4th 2012 called Stand 4 Change Day  and was a huge success.  We brought together 1.4 million people across the US to take a stand against bullying. This represented every state in the US, as well as, 40 additional countries around the world and over 2,000 schools.

We are not creating another program for schools, or curriculum for teachers or administrators . . . this is a Bully App that will be free for students to download, putting the power for change in the students hands.

We are using the term “app” because an application is something people can wrap their heads around. But the Bully App is much more than that. We are creating an entire platform devoted to capturing, tracking, and analyzing bullying incidents across the nation. The data is localized, but anonymous. Unless the student (victim) wishes to be identified, no personal data is shared.

There are four main goals of the Bully App, and each of these goals are large projects on their own that corresponds to our development roadmap:

  1. CAPTURE - students will be able to submit information on a bullying incident. The data being collected is not free form text, but multiple choice so that people cannot name names and falsely accuse others. This will include a mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as a browser based app for desktops.

  2. ENGAGE - students will be able to ask for help when they need it and the Bully App can pro-actively reach out to students as well. We are tying into national crisis centers and university volunteer groups across the country for direct communication via text chat or a phone call. There is one thing we know from both personal experience and from speaking with students: many times, kids simply don’t talk to their parents about these issues. It can be embarrassing to go home and tell your Mom or Dad that you are getting bullied. But, students still need and want to talk about it. The Bully App gives them a place to be heard that is safe and anonymous.

  3. MONITOR - the bully app will not only collect and measure the bullying incidents, but over time begin to analyze and proactively identify needs in our communities. The Bully App will be the central repository for all bullying incidents across the nation, providing the ability for accurate, real time reporting. The data provided by the Bully App will empower parents, teachers, and administrators with the information they need to improve and eliminate bullying.

Sounds scientific doesn’t it? All the complexity is on the backend, the front end for the students looks like this:

Advisory Board

  • Bushra Alawie - Community Outreach Specialist, FBI Office of Public Affairs
  • Ross Bernard - Student Advisor, Birmingham Seaholm High School, Michigan
  • Kevin Epling - father of the boy named in Michigan's anti-bullying law, National Co-Director at Bully Police USA
  • Taylor Garettson - Student Advisor, Lake Orion High School, Michigan
  • Jamie Greene Kaniarz - Executive Director, Defeat the Label
  • Betsy Kellman - Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League
  • Dr. Marlene Seltzer - Executive Director, No Bullying Live Empowered (NoBLE)
  • Stephen Young - Student Advisor, Birmingham Seaholm High School, Michigan
  • Pam Voss-Page - Executive Director, Student Leadership Services

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